Two-in-one ? Epidemiological fun! Interview with Izabela Leśniczek.

It has been over a year since we started the struggle with epidemy of Covid-19. Many of us had to rearange the way we worked and start a mobile business or via the Internet. One of our heroes is Izabela Leśniczek. Today, we shall take a closer look onto the specialist’s work and passion that is seen in every step she takes.

I.S. : As a mobile hairdresser you help females. Do males also use the service so eagerly?
I.L.: It may be said that hair routines are only for women. Yet, more and more men pay attention to how their hair looks like and also care about trends, the condition of skin on the head but also esthetics. I may state this on the basis of many years experience and working with men.They often ask me how to care about hair and what cosmetics should be used in order to strenghten hair or not to cause its early fall. One of the reasons that cause the fall of hair is too high level of testosteron or when someone washes hair too often as it dries the skin on the head and makes it more itchy.

I.S. :What else do you specialise in?
I.L.: I specialise in scalp problems and hair care routines using various proffessional products and natural trichological dermocosmetics that are 100 percent natural for the scalp and hair. They are called Biotricologia and Dsd de luxe. I also produce 100% natural turbans of bamboo.

I.S. : Tell us how you saved ladies and gentlemans’ hair during the epidemy, please.
I.L.: Commiting time for disinfection does not let me accept too many clients. The client after having hair died, used to relax, drank coffee and read a magazine. Now, it is not so easy as the risk of catching the virus is high. During the pandemy each hairdresser had a lot of work, and so had I. I cared about my clients hair to bring it to the previous condition. It is extremely harmful for hair to be highlighted at home, as this causes the hair to be dry or tangled. That is why, I take a lot of time for saving, regeneration of hair died by the clients themselves.

I.S.: Has the present pandemy made it more difficult for you to work and the clients make access to the specialist who is a trychologist and a hairdresser?
I.L.:Yes, the pandemy and lockdown have made contacts with clients more difficult and the hair care service is almost impossible, which caused panics. I tried to be available online and advised how to die hair or care about it daily. After the lockdwon, everyone thought that the things will be as they used to. Nevertheless, there were still some restrictions that were to be helpful. Despite all the new rules of service, the clients were happy to receive help from the proffessionalist and I was happy too, as I could start doing what I really love and cannot
imagine life without.