The Diverse Shades of Iran

“Iranian women don’t hesitate to pamper themselves with any sort of beauty
routine they come to know. Around 70% of women in Iran and a whopping 90% of
women in Tehran willingly follow beauty procedures.”

Lida Lofti is not just a lash artist but an exceptionally talented beautician, mentor, and beautiful
soul, who aims to achieve high in the beauty business of Iran.

With an unprecedented experience of eleven years as a lash extensions expert, Lida earned her
spot among the top ten professors in the world in 2021. Lida has also shared her knowledge at
Phi Academy of Europe as a professor.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Lida Lofti is a gem of the Iranian beauty crown. She is one of the
few women who have worked hard to bring up-to-the-minute makeup and lash techniques to
Iran and continues to rule her place among the best lash artists in Iran.

Lida also launched her book in 2022 and currently runs a lash academy in Iran, mentoring
thousands of students globally.

In a candid interview with the Leaders Magazine, Lida sheds light on her career, life, and the
shape of the beauty business in Iran.

● How did you start your career as a lash artist? How did it all happen?
I started as a lash artist eleven years back, and since then, there has been no turning back for
me. In 2019, I worked as a professor at Phi Academy Europe.

Besides this, I’m also an author of a book released in 2022. I also have a lash academy under
my name, where I train thousands of students from Dubai, Iran, and Turkey.
● Did you always want to be a beautician? Or had some other career
Not at all. I always had an immense love for makeup. From the beginning, I wanted to work in
this field. There were no other career options for me except for this, and I love what I do. I like
working on everything about lashes.

● How diverse is the beauty business of Iran compared to other parts of
the world?

The beauty business is utterly different in Iran. Women have an immense love for makeup,
probably due to Hijab that limits their options to some extent, just like In Arab countries.
Therefore, women here love to flaunt their beauty with glamorous makeup and strive to adopt
every trending beauty treatment that maximises their beauty and style.

● Are there any limitations in the Iranian beauty business? How much
do women love coming to salons?

There are no limitations here in the beauty business. This is one of the most profitable
businesses here in Iran.
Iranian women love coming to salons, especially to pamper their skin, hair, nails, and love to go
for lash extensions.

● Is there any particular beauty routine that Iranian women follow?

There is no particular beauty routine that women here follow. But women here are very much
updated with the latest beauty trends through Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social
media handles.

Iranian women don’t hesitate to pamper themselves with any sort of beauty routine they come to
know. Around 70% of women in Iran and a whopping 90% of women in Tehran willingly follow
beauty procedures.

● Did you have any fear while stepping into the lash art business?
Not at all. I always loved makeup, particularly lashes. So much so that I decided to step into the
field of eyelash extensions.
At one point in life, I badly needed a job, and since lashes were my passion, I opted for this field
willingly and hopefully to achieve my dreams.

● What was the biggest struggle you had to face in this business?
Setting up my lash business was one of the most crucial times of my life.
The beauty market in Iran is extraordinarily saturated, with intense competition among brands
for the top position. Therefore, setting up a business in the market was a sure-shot struggle.

● If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I don’t want to change anything, as I love who I am.

● Can you tell us about your book?
Well, I consider this book as a commemoration of my struggle and success as a lash extensions
expert. I have extracted and written all of my knowledge as an industry expert in this book.
Although the book consists of only 64 pages, it is an emblem of my dedication and passion for
the beauty business.

● What is your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement so far is that I teach and mentor my skills to thousands of students all
around the globe.

● What is your most memorable experience?
The most memorable experience of my life was when I was ranked among the top ten Phi
Lashes experts of Phi Academy. It was probably the best phase in my career as a lash artist.

● What do you like doing the most in your free time?
Actually, I don’t get much free time as five days I’m busy with customers, and on weekends I
have workshops but, If I get time then I love reading books, playing sports, and shopping is my
favourite pastime.

● What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in the coming
I’m planning to set up another beauty and lash salon here in Iran. Apart from this, I plan to sell
my products and services globally and internationally.
My biggest goal is to introduce our lash extensions all around the world. I want people from
different spheres of life to use our lash extensions.

● Any message you want to give the new lash artists who are
struggling to make a place in this industry?

My message to the young lash artists is to always be consistent and focused. Do not waste
your time with the wrong people. If you want to achieve what you love the most, you have to
take action and take steps in the direction of your plans.
Furthermore, you will have more speed on the way to success and growth when you benefit
from the help of a coach or professor. When there is someone with you to achieve your goals,
you will go towards success sooner.

By Natasha Rehan