The invitation to the Final Gala of Miss Tolerance UK 2022


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The final gala of Miss Tolerance UK 2022 is an unforgettable event! Specially prepared choreography and show will be breathtaking. Mini concerts, designer shows, great hosts – this is something we don’t want to reveal yet to make this evening special and full of surprises.

11 women of different nationalities and ages compete for the crown of Miss Tolerance UK 2022.

ATTENTION! The guests of the event allow their consent to have their faces recorded during the Multi-Camera Live Transmission.

Type of the invitations:

STANDARD £30/person:

  • A zone on the balcony with a separate bar.
  • Standard invitation only guarantees the entry to the event.
  • Drinks and food must be purchased individually.
  • The number of tickets is limited.
  • The invitations are personal.

VIP £250/person:

  • Table next to the stage (a closed and protected area)
  • Zone covered by live broadcast cameras
  • All VIP invitations are guaranteed refreshments, drinks and alcohol on the table.
  • The number of invitations is limited.
  • The invitations are personal.

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