Pioneer in hair Kryotheraphy

Pioneer in hair Kryotheraphy

Their team is made up of passionate individuals dedicated to what they do, putting their hearts into it. From many years they have been serving their expertise and creating training programs to teach others about conscious hair care. They have already trained over 700 hairdressers in professional treatments. J&S Brands is the culmination of people, values, and their shared experiences.

  1. In what way do Hair.TOXX products stand out among other beauty companies? What makes them unique?

The Hair.TOXX brand has initiated a new way of thinking about hair regeneration and care. By combining cutting-edge technology and natural ingredients, they have created products and procedures that provide hairdressers with new possibilities and enhance the quality of their services. What sets Hair.TOXX cosmetics apart is their unique composition, appropriate pH level matching and maintained PEH balance. These products contain pure hyaluronic acid, a natural filler that fills intercellular gaps and supports moisture retention and hair elasticity. They also include Açaí berries, one of the most potent natural antioxidants from the Amazon rainforests.

To enhance the effectiveness of Hair.TOXX cosmetics and achieve the highest level of results for all their rituals, they have developed the Frozen Machine. This device generates negative temperatures, pushing and sealing nourishing ingredients into the hair, resulting in deep hair reconstruction. As a result, the hair becomes revitalized, flexible, lightweight, full, shiny, and ready for any transformation.

  • What is hair cryotherapy, and why is it a supporting method of hair care?

Cryotherapy is not merely a supporting method; it’s a genuine and in-depth hair care and regeneration technique. The regenerative power of cold has been known for centuries and has been employed in the field of cryotherapy and medical spas, particularly in athlete recovery. The Hair.TOXX brand has brought this technology into the cosmetic industry. They have developed cosmetic formulations and combined them with the sub-zero temperatures generated by the Hair.TOXX Frozen Machine device. This resulted in the Hair.TOXX Hair Cryotherapy treatment, which can also be referred to as hair plastic surgery. In this procedure, we infuse hyaluronic acid into the hair from within, filling intercellular gaps, repairing the gaps between the cortex and hair cuticle, enhancing moisture, restoring hair elasticity, and fullness.

What’s brilliant is that all Hair.TOXX rituals can be, and are indeed recommended to be, combined with other salon treatments such as coloring, bleaching, or straightening. The results will be incredible, with beautifully nourished hair and a three-dimensional color. Hairdressers no longer need to decline other services due to the level of hair damage, thanks to the support of Hair.TOXX.

  • What is the basis of the composition of your products?

First and foremost, our products are built upon the richness of natural ingredients, and their origin is certified by the “Amazonia Original” certificate. At the core of all our products are Açaí berries and glacier water. Additionally, they contain hyaluronic acid, myrrh, propolis, babassu seed oil, a complex of Jaborandi and Burdock plants, wheat proteins, vitamin D, and bio-functional amino acids (carbocysteine). Of course, each product has been carefully composed and serves a specific purpose. What distinguishes Hair.TOXX cosmetics is the precise adjustment of pH levels and the maintained balance of PEH.

  • What are the three most important principles of proper hair care?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to choose hair care products that are suitable for your hair type and any specific scalp issues you may have. The right pH level and the balance of PEH (P-proteins, H-humectants, and E-emollients), which represents the equilibrium between regenerative, moisturizing, and protective ingredients, are key to success. But it’s also essential to consider not only what products you use but how you use them. The way you wash your hair, apply products, and the type of water you use all matter. Basic principles include rinsing with lukewarm or ideally cold water. You should typically wash your scalp twice with shampoo, and when applying a nourishing mask, do so on gently towel-dried hair to prevent the mask from running off. Excess water can limit the absorption of nutrients. Additionally, keep in mind that the choice of hair care products and when to use them can also depend on your lifestyle. Frequent visits to the gym, swimming pool, sauna, the beach, regular hair drying, and exposure to environmental factors constantly stress your hair. Therefore, besides products like shampoo, conditioner, and mask, it’s also worthwhile to use thermal protection products like Açaí berry oil. You can apply it to both dry and damp hair. This helps protect your hair from high temperatures, UV rays, controls frizz, and adds shine without weighing it down. Applying “15 different products” to your hair every day is excessive. It’s essential to maintain balance in all aspects of life.

  • What makes you consider training as an effective means of knowledge and experience transfer?

In today’s world, easy and widespread access to information has its pros and cons. Not everyone has the time and inclination to verify every news item, its source, and its credibility. As we know, nothing truly disappears on the internet, and someone less informed may unwittingly propagate information that is not entirely accurate.

We always encourage seeking answers at the source. Training is not just an opportunity to impart knowledge and show how something works; it’s a chance to build relationships and trust. During training, we exchange experiences, engage in discussions, and thoroughly discuss every topic to better understand it before forming an opinion. For us, in-person meetings, not just online, are the most enriching in every aspect.

  • What makes the biggest difference to a company’s success?

The success of J&S Brands is primarily based on people, our values, and the sum of the experiences we share with others. From the beginning, we built this company on relationships. When Michael and I shook hands and made the decision to create new things together, it was all based on trust, common goals, and values; otherwise, it wouldn’t have worked. That’s who we are – we try to do everything to the best of our ability with no hidden intentions, just honestly. We focus on quality, not quantity, and that’s our business model. We’ve introduced a centralized sales model based on a well-developed call center and after-sales support. This allows us to provide high-quality customer service and maintain consistent standards at every stage. Our J&S Brands Academy is of great significance, where we have trained over 700 hairdressers in hair and trichological treatments. Hairdressers who visit us have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the brands we represent under the guidance of experts. This enables them to make decisions about collaboration more quickly and consciously. Education is a crucial part of our business and supports sales. Behind our success are people with over 17 years of experience in the hairdressing and cosmetics industry, as well as specialists in marketing and social media. This allows us to understand the needs, problems, and challenges of professionals.

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