In search of success from India to England!

Have you ever wondered how much some sacrifice to change their lives they were in?
Is it possible to make any changes in life and gain success in anything you desire?
In this edition, our guest is Manoj Agrawal (CEO, Softech Rail Limited, UK), who changed
the comfort of railway travelling to many people around the UK and other countries, he also
tells us his secret of how to become successful.

Manoj Agrawal was born in a small town in North India in a middle-class family, grew up in
a mud roofed home with virtually no electricity. Managed to do his B.Tech. in Electronics
Engineering and Master’s in Management from the best institution in India called Indian
Institute of Technology (I.I.T Mumbai in India) which has produced many well-known
leaders like CEO of Google, etc. During 1986-1989, he worked as a software developer in
Tata Consultancy Services, India on many international projects in Switzerland and Middle
East. He always wanted to settle in the UK and moved to the UK in August 1989 with just
£50 in his pocket, his wife and a 3 months’ old son. He worked for an American company
Unisys as a software developer, after six months, he managed to get a contract from Unisys to
develop and implement Warehouse Management System. Then, he floated his own company
and started employing staff in March 1990, later opened another outsourcing office in India.
His company developed software for many banks and Telecom companies e.g., Citibank,
Ericsson, American Express, etc. After the Dot Com bubble burst in October 2002, they lost
90% of their project business within a week. At that time, he started focusing on much safer
sectors like Healthcare and Transport.

In those days, IT infrastructure within NHS was in a bad shape, he put his software team on a
massive R&D into healthcare system development while working with many doctor friends.
‘We managed to develop six very innovative software packages as working proto-types and
one of these packages (NOMAD) we implemented in 12 large NHS Hospitals: Barts in
London, Oxford, Birmingham, Leeds, Rotherham, East Lancashire, etc. We had almost
20,000 users using our software package to treat patients’-says Manoj Agrawal.
Mr Agrawal’s hobbies include cooking, diving, trekking (recently climbed to Ben Nevis, the
highest mountain in the UK) for a charity. He also has a special interest in spirituality,
meditation and connecting with the powers of nature.