“Every hairdresser is an artist – the interview with a successful woman Anna Czekala”.

Anna Czekala is the owner of one of the best beauty clinics in Luton “Visage Hair and Beauty”  “It is time to shine” – a huge hairdressing enthusiast extremely professional in what she does, her mission is to make every client leaving her salon feeling like a diamond and $ 1,000,000. In an interview, she reveals how she manages to achieve it, presents her path to success, tells about everyday hairdressing life and about where she takes the inspiration and motivation to work from. Karolina Gizycka chatted with Anna Czekala

You are the owner of one of the best clinics in Luton, what contributed to this success when it was started? Where the idea to start your own business come from? Hairdressing has always been my passion, but I knew that I definitely prefer to work on my own than for someone. Moving to United Kingdom  was a turning point, it was
that I put everything on one card. I started implementing an idea that had been sprouting in my head for a long time, i.e. my own salon, renting a place and I started my business. The beginning, of course, was not easy as I was in a foreign country with foreign language. I had to learn a lot but I was happy and motivated because I knew that my dream begins to come true. One year after opening the premises, I thought it would be good to expand my business to offer my clients something more, that’s when Barber Arkadiusz Żółkiewicz joined me with whom I work until today.

After four years, the Tattoo Artist Marek Szkllaruk has joined my team as well as Whiteeagletattoo. In 2019 the aesthetic nurse practitioner Dorota Brodka joined our team as well (Avanti Aesthetic Clinic). It was not the end yet – this year another professional person joined my team – Maya Majewska, who does the Keratin Brasilian treatment. Apart from that, there is a boutique in my salon where Polish clothing is being sold – Crazy Meg Boutique that is being run by Magdalena Gawek and Monika Cywko. You have built a very strong team, a salon offering a range of various services let’s look at the logo “It’s your time to shine”. How a client should feel when leaving your

Yes, the logo of my salon is : “It’s your time to shine”. This is a mission which every time I try to make all the best I can. The customer who leaves my salon should feel like a real Diamond, like a million dollars and I sincerely hope that this is how it is. It is great to see the smile of satisfied customers, a happiness in their eye when they
look into the mirror after metamorphosis, it is a sign for me that what I am doing makes sense.


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