Do we still need Beauty Contests?

Beauty is all around us, wherever you may look. But do we need to judge it? ‘It is written in the papers, it is shown on TV, but if you only want to, you may take part in it, too! Our guest in today’s edition of the magazine is Mrs Angie Beasley, who is a Director of Miss England Limited, and the Organiser of Miss England on behalf of Miss World since 2002 and beyond!

The world is so grey sometimes, as it seems nowadays. Why not take part in a Beauty Contest- many girls think. But is it worth it, and most of all, what stands behind those competitions? Let us talk about it and check the intriguing topic that oftentimes gives young girls sleepless nights !”Am I good enough…? Do I measure up…”, etc.

I.S.: Mrs Beasley As Director of Miss England you have the possibility of meeting many girls taking part in the beauty contests. What do you think encourages them to taking part in such events?
A.B: Taking part in the Miss England final is a journey . During that process, the contestants are invited to take part in various different rounds. Most contestants say, that Just taking part in the Miss England final encourages them to be the best version of themselves . They makefriends, gain confidence & have fun . We have a sports round, Talent, ethical fashion round, which brings out their creative side, where they create outfits from recycled materials, photogenic round and, Bare Face top model round, and charity fundraising, and our newest roundcalled Explore the nation which encourages the contestants to promote their area they live in a presentation.

I.S.: What is the history of the beauty contests?
A.B: Miss World will be celebrating its 70th year in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Im looking forward to taking the new winner of Miss England to this event at the end of 2021. I met someone a few years ago, that won Miss England 1928, so I think beauty contests probably started in the 1920s ! (amazing!)

I.S: What does, ‘beauty’ mean in our era?
A.B: These days Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. The Miss England ethos is ‘Beauty with a Purpose’. Its something we all aspire to be and see … Everyone likes beautiful things and make the most of themselves with make up, grooming, etc.

I.S.: What qualities does one need to be a winner ?
A.B.: The judges at Miss England look for someone that is able to communicate with people from all walks of life, someone who is confident, naturally beautiful, photogenic and must have a good work ethic, as there is lots of charity work involved!