Anyone can be successful!

Man leaves the family home and at the same time reflects on the possibilities. An available solution to make your life easier is to find out about your passions and skills that can guide you towards your goal. Our friend will present us his long and inspiring path to success.

Who is Łukasz Smoliński? Łukasz Smoliński is a man who loves life. A type of wanderer who is eager to explore the inner and outer world. Undoubtedly, he is a huge visionary. From the age of 8, he knew that he would run his own business and travel around the world. Currently, he is 30 years old and a co-owner of 6 companies and the owner of companies in Europe in beauty, graphic design industry, etc. For 3 years he has created a consumer and sales team of over 7.5 thousand people. He has been living in London since 2019, where in less than 1.5 years he increased the company’s turnover by over 3000%. People from his closest circle describe him: “He takes care of the impossible immediately, the miracles might take a minute longer.”, or” A huge visionary – just go to the store and have an idea to increase the current turnover or solve the problem. ” He loves spending her free time with his family, traveling or practicing extreme sports.

What things should not be forgotten in business?

Business is like having a baby coming into the world or planting a tree. This is where the effect of deferred gratification works. According to this strategy, there are definitely fewer people who developed it day after day achieving the desired success. Just like with children, they first appear in the world, then we take care of them, share our experience / knowledge with them, invest our time and money, and then there are results. It is the same in business, the result depends on us. It’s visible how deeply committed we are to it. Are we trying to develop in the field in which we started our business, are we developing our team, are we hoping for luck. We live in a time where every second a new business idea arises, an idea for a new technological solution. If our self-development comes to a standstill, so does the growth of our business. Personal development is one of the key things to running a business and functioning in this world. If we wouldn’t develop, it would be like we stopped in the age of pigeon communication. Please imagine that we are going to an office or a bank in these times to deal with a very important matter for us. Everything is fine, but we need to provide one more missing document and send the pigeon (this is the only way we know). The document is there, the matter we are considering has practically been completed, only one problem has arisen. Nobody would have foreseen that we could send the missing documents via a pigeon. If you want to develop a business – develop, develop, develop. Be 10 steps ahead of people who have a similar idea to you.

What does cooperation with S’OUVRE give you?

S’OUVRE is a BEAUTY & FMCG company based on a network marketing system. It was founded in 2016 in Poland. After many successes and awards on the Polish market, they’ve opened another branch in Great Britain and in London. In 2018 and 2019, we established the 3rd Milan branch in Italy. I have watched this industry for many years. Sometimes he laughs that sooner or later I had to find myself in this industry. In my youth, my mother cooperated with one American company, where I had the opportunity to observe what this business sector looks like. In 2012, I had the opportunity to meet this industry again. Through all these years of observation and experience, I have noticed one thing that repeats: it is an industry in which there is no such thing as a financial ceiling. This is defined repeatedly by many companies. There is one detail – in order to be successful, these things must appear: Why are we actually doing this? It will be our fuel that will provide us with energy every day to continue operating. What – what can I get out of it? Here I would compare that our “WHAT” is the car. So we have 2 things – a car and fuel. Then a skilled man is also needed to drive this car. Our mission is to be (figuratively) a mentor and protector. He will lead people cooperating with us and provide knowledge needed for further development. For people who work with us, we have many bonus programs, such as Bonus Car. It is a program that allows us to pick up a premium car. “Travel with Souvre” program allows you to see the world, and the “I’m a Mum” program supports young mothers.