A gritty rise to stardom

Jemelin is a renowned public figure who we have come to know over the years. Her most famous gig
being, an important appearance in the critically acclaimed UK Show ‘The Apprentice’. However, that is
not all she does. She is a multi-tasker who has developed her career through grueling years of hard work
and stands at a pedestal today where she is looked up to by many.

Apart from being an actor and model she had delved into various businesses and professions. When we
asked her to elaborate more on her career, she defined ” I have been taking up other career choices
along with acting and modeling. I am also an entrepreneur. Furthermore, I have started a skincare
business with a social media growth business. I have also received many accolades as a motivational
speaker. There are various projects in the making like my book and an array of educational courses.”
Majority of the masses think of a person appearing in the present times as if they have always been like
that. However, there are bitter realities that help to shape up a person into their better selves. Jemeli is
one such character who has an inspiring journey and beautiful take on life. We asked her to tell us more
about her entrepreneurial journey and this is what she had to say.

” I am from Venezuela and I stepped foot into London at a mere age of 16 in 2002. With £800 in my
pocket I thought of being covered for a whole year. Little did I know that it would not last a month. To get
a grip on the fast-paced life in London I got myself a job of distributing flyers in school. After doing that I
served as a cleaner in a restaurant. Following heaps of hard work I was promoted to the position of
assistant waitress which I took pride in and still do. However, I was often undermined due to the cultural
differences and language barriers. Projected as an outcast I knew I couldn’t give up because I had to
accomplish so much for myself and more importantly my family who believed in me throughout. I have
helped my mother raise my 2 sisters. I couldn’t go to university due to obvious financial hurdles but I
enrolled myself into a beauty course at a college. After the completion of the course I served at a beauty
salon for three years and kept honing my language skills. Eventually, I came to notice and was scouted
by an events company. The learning of this position was a change of fortune for me. After conducting
numerous shows I realized that why can’t I become a businesswoman? And I never looked back ever


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