​How to safely stop time?

How to safely stop time?

The protagonist of the conversation is Maja Wilińska, a Pole who has been operating in the UK market for 15 years. She graduated from the Cosmobelle Tychy cosmetology Academy, cosmetology level 2.3.4 UK and numerous training courses confirmed by diplomas in Poland, Italy and Great Britain. She is a specialist in the field of cosmetology and aesthetics. In addition, she is a teacher and examiner at Maya Beauty Academy, of which she is the owner. She works as a freelancer with related institutions in London.

Would you like to tell about your idea for your profession? What were the beginnings like?

My idea to work as a cosmetologist, esthetician and teacher was born along with the increasing requirements of clients and the evolution of treatments. I came to the islands struggling with the age-old topic of finance and a better tomorrow for myself and the whole family. As clients’ needs developed, my ideas for treatments also developed. However, it was not enough for me. I also wanted to teach, share my knowledge and experience. With time, I was able to help many Polish women who did not know where to start and how to find an idea for themselves.

Who usually uses aesthetic treatments?

Most of the time they are women. My clients are women of different ages, which to some extent also affects their needs and the type of surgery. Men are still a minority among my clients, but more and more boldly decide, among others, for lip and cheek filling treatments. It is also related to the field of bodybuilding, where men come to consult me while preparing for competitions.

Are aesthetic treatments safe? We hear a lot about the dangers.

In my opinion, this area is safer than plastic surgery (invasive). I perform treatments using local anesthesia, no general anesthesia. Until now, hyaluronic acid has been associated with filling wrinkles and improving the appearance of the lips.
What may surprise many people, is also great for other parts of the body. Modification and improvement of the appearance of the bust and buttocks. Apart from the operations of implanting silicone implants, non-surgical – non-surgical and minimally invasive methods are more and more often chosen. Hyaluronic acid in aesthetic medicine is the most common, completely safe preparation used as a filler for firming, restoring volume and modeling specific parts of the body. It does not interfere with our body, but what seems obvious must come from a legal source. Thanks to it, we can also model the
figure, sculpt by administering the Aqualix preparation, which will neutralize adipose tissue – so that the so-called sides or tummy. Remember, however, that this is not a slimming product that will heal and remove obesity! Importantly, in the era
of COVID-19, we must be aware that all acid or botox treatments are performed 21 days before or after vaccination to avoid complications. The carrier of botox is chicken protein, and vaccines are spike protein and we do not know what effects the combination of both substances can have.